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Founded in 2002 by nationally-recognized denial and appeals management experts Linda Fotheringill and Tracy Wade, Fotheringill & Wade, LLC (F&W) is a law firm focused exclusively on advising and representing hospitals and health systems at every stage of the denial and appeals management process. Unlike many firms in the industry, ensuring that hospitals and healthcare systems are adequately reimbursed for the services they provide is F&W’s singular focus. Our approach to this goal takes many forms. First and foremost, we appeal denied and underpaid claims at all levels. Whether it is the occasional difficult case or the entirety of denied claims a client receives, our team works to recover wrongfully denied and underpaid claims. We also approach our goal by advising clients on contract negotiation so that they achieve the most favorable terms with payers and consulting with clients on denial prevention strategies. We monitor changes in the legal and regulatory landscape and educate clients regarding their rights and responsibilities under Federal and State laws and regulations.

Prior to obtaining their law degrees the firm’s founders spent many years employed at positions in the healthcare and insurance industries. The experience gained from these positions provides them with an understanding of the challenges involved with efficiently working high volumes of time-sensitive, highly detailed cases. In order to provide hospitals with the legal and clinical advisement necessary at each stage of the denial and appeals process, the founders staffed F&W with an interdisciplinary team comprised of attorneys, physicians, registered nurses, certified coders and recovery specialists. Quantum Appeals© (QA), a proprietary software developed in conjunction with leading technologists, allows F&W attorneys and clinicians to work collaboratively to develop innovative strategies to recover wrongfully denied and underpaid claims. QA also improves tracking and reporting methodologies, providing clients with in-depth information on their denials and appeals.

Our approach has enabled us to build systems and methodologies that deliver positive results for our clients. Our services can be tailored to supplement the efforts of a hospital’s internal staff or we can completely handle your denial and appeal needs. We will arbitrate, litigate, or proceed to an administrative hearing, should such action be needed to bring a claim to a successful conclusion. No matter how you chose to partner with us, our team of experts can give you the sophisticated, comprehensive support you need.

 Linda Fotheringill

Linda Fotheringill

Tracy Wade